The third conference in this series will be held at the National University of Singapore on December 1-3, 2004. The theme of this conference is Individual and Institutional Self-assessment in Higher Education. From the point of view of a given course taught by a faculty member, self-assessment involves reflection on the goals, classroom activities, learning materials, assessment tasks, student feedback and other sources of evidence to make an estimate of what the students must have learnt, how well they learnt it, and how optimal the pedagogical choices were. From an institutional point of view, self-assessment involves the scrutiny of the educational goals, resources, policies and practice to evaluate the value and relevance of the goals, and to make an estimate of the success of the institution – at the levels of the university, school, department, and individual faculty member – in accomplishing the goals, quite often within the context of quality assurance and external accreditation.

At this conference, we hope to discuss issues and problems of self-assessment from the points of view of both teachers and institutions. The conference will also cover related topics such as

  • Facilitating Independent Inquiry and Understanding Modes of Inquiry

  • Constructivist Learning

  • Evidence Based Knowledge

  • Critical Thinking

  • Enhancing Creativity

  • Facilitating Interconnectivity

  • Student Assessment

  • Teacher Appraisal and Teacher Education

  • Active/Interactive Learning

  • Problem-based Learning and Inquiry-based Learning

  • Project-based Learning and Case-study Based Learning

  • e-Learning and Distance Learning



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