Author's Kit

The Author's kit consists of the following components:

Guidelines to Authors, Style Sheet, Abstract, Brief CV and Summary Sheet.

Guidelines to Authors

Attached Style Sheet
The attached style sheet is formatted with the exact spacing and format as required. Please download the attached style sheet document for use. You can then save it under a new name and start working on it.

Paper Sizes
Please use good quality plain white A4-size paper.

The margins are approx. 25mm (1") for left and right, and 30mm (1.2") for top and bottom.

Titles and Headings
Please use Times Roman 16pt font, upper case, bold and centred for the Summary Paper Title. Leave seven blank lines to position the paper title. Leave 2 blank lines between title and author's names and 1 blank line between authors' names and affiliations. Leave 3 blank lines between the last affiliation address and the Abstract section heading. Always leave 2 blank lines between sections. For exact spacing and format, please refer to the attached style sheet.

Text and Illustration
Please use a Times Roman 12pt font and single line spacing for text. For exact spacing and format, please refer to the attached style sheet.

Please ensure that the text, illustrations and formulae are of high definition with good contrast.

Digitised images should be set at a print resolution of at least 300 dpi. If scanned photographs or images are used, please submit the high quality originals together with your summary paper.

Page Limit
The summary paper should not exceed 1000 words. Please do not number the pages.

Please prepare your summary paper as a Microsoft Word document or RTF file.

Please attach an abstract (not exceeding 300 words) along with your summary paper.

Brief CV
Please attach a brief CV (not exceeding 200 words) along with your summary paper.

Summary Sheet
Please complete the summary sheet and return it to the Conference Secretariat with your summary paper.

When you submit your summary paper please suggest between 6 to 12 keywords which will help readers identify the nature of your paper. The keywords should be included in your paper (after the abstract) and should also be listed on a separate sheet containing your name and paper title.

Please send your summary paper (and original photographs and/or images if applicable) to the following address:

TLHE Conference Secretariat
Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning
National University of Singapore
Level 6, Central Library Annexe
10 Kent Ridge Crescent
Singapore 119260
Tel: +65-6516-6354 | Fax: +65-6777-0342

Along with the hard copy of the summary paper, please send a soft copy (in MS Word format) via email or on a floppy diskette or CD to the secretariat.


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