Pre-conference Workshop
Date Time / Venue Title

2 December 2008



Seminar Room 1

Workshop 1
Maximising the Benefits to Undergraduate Learning of Departmental Research Strengths

Professor Graham Gibbs
Visiting Professor, Oxford Brookes University
Former Director, Oxford Learning Institute, University of Oxford



Seminar Room 2

Workshop 2
Developing an Institutional Quality Management System for Teaching and Learning

Ms Robyn Harris
Director - Governance, Policy and Planning Services, Victoria University


Professor Graham Webb
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
University of New England



Seminar Room 1

Workshop 3
Strategies to Enhance Teaching Skills and Practices

Professor Marcia Devlin (PhD)
Chair of Higher Education Research
Deakin University
Victoria, Australia

Pre-conference workshop registration fees: S$50 per workshop

The pre-conference workshops will be held on 2 December 2008. They are practice-oriented 3-hour sessions. They will include opportunities for active learning and involvement of the participants. Sessions may be designed to demonstrate a set of techniques or address new theory and practice in teaching and learning in relation to the conference’s theme. Participants will be encouraged to present examples and problems from their own teaching for consideration by the group.


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Pre-Conference Venue

CDTL Seminar Rooms
Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning
National University of Singapore
Central Library Annexe, Level 6
10 Kent Ridge Crescent
Singapore 119260

For detailed instructions to get to the pre-conference venue, please click here.



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