TLHE Conference Publicity

TLHE Conference Publicity


8 - 9 December 2011
Paper Sessions

Level 2, Shaw Foundation Alumni House, National University of Singapore
(updated 16 Nov 2011)
8.00am Morning coffee
9.00-9.15am Opening remarks:
Tan Tai Yong
9.15-10.15am SESSION I 
(Facilitator: Chang Tou Chuang)
  Avinash Govind Bahirvani, Peter Bartels, Chen Ya & Fung Tze Kwan:
Diversity on a global campus - Opportunities for teaching and learning
10.15-10.45am Tea break
10.45am-1.15pm SESSION II 
(Chair: Kenneth Paul Tan)
(Chair: Johan Geertsema)
(Chair: Sow Chorng Haur)
  Gail Casey:
Gen Y and their 'backpacks of hidden treasures'
Erdal Tekarslan & Aysegul Karaeminogullari:
Do great minds think alike? A comparison of faculty and student perspectives on innovative learning methods
Cheryl Lester:
Assessing learning through student-centered pedagogies in higher education
  Craig Deed & Anthony Edwards:
The influence of 'insideness' and 'outsideness' in collaborative online learning conversations
Chian Hwey Miin:
Collaborative learning: Exploring teachers' beliefs and studying diversity
Jessie Teng, Priscilla Pui, Yang Ying & Zhu Shenfa:
Developing student-centric course materials for PRC EFL learners
  Ho Gia Anh Le & Brad Blackstone:
Classrooms without walls: Student blogging for enhancing communities of practices
Tiago Freire & Li Jingping:
New approaches to essay writing in Economics
Katie Meredith & Virginia Cha:
The Y Generation: Outbound communication methods
  Amanda Nickson, Lynette Ireland, Reesa Sorin, Edward Errington & Marie Caltabiano:
Using scenario-based learning to embed graduate attributes into four discipline areas
Prakash Singh:
Video-based self-regulated learning as an innovative strategy for high risk students in universities
Ann Bourke:
Capturing student learning using a learning journal: Insights and issues
  Ramona Tang:
Assigning academic reflections in the form of digital stories in a higher education classroom
John Wojdylo:
Can the traditional lecture as a narrative be saved?
Enabling active and peer-assisted learning in a very large physics class to occur in each student’s favourite learning location
Liz van Acker & Janis Bailey:
Lecturers’ approaches to teaching capstone courses in Australian Business Schools
1.15-2.15pm Lunch
2.15-3.45pm SESSION V 
(Chair: Victor Tan)
(Chair: Alice Christudason)
(Chair: Seah Kar Heng)
  Ben Leong & Luo Yanjie:
Application of game mechanics to improve student engagement
Sreenivasulu Bellam & Ramanathan Subramaniam:
Use of an innovative diagnostic instrument to uncover alternative conceptions in chemical thermodynamics amongst undergraduates
Soh Guan Kiong, Lim See Yew, Raymond K H Wee & Tan Kah Huat:
Managing employment-based authentic learning through the G.R.E.A.T pedagogy
  Cecilia K Y Chan:
The use of animation in engaging teachers and students in assessment
Susan Tan, Wu Siew Mei & Chew Moh Leen:
Enhancing test reliability using the many-faceted Rasch model
Keng Wan Ling:
Sustaining problem-based learning across Temasek Polytechnic's curriculum: A case study
  John Yap :
Learning governance and new media using affordances not possible in real life
Carlos A Montana Hoyos, Leyla Acaroglu & Monique Ladds:
Eco-design and sustainability education: Integrative collaborations and the use of e-resources in diverse cultural backgrounds
Praveen G V & Katyayani Sangam:
Challenges faced by the technical institutions: Industry initiatives
3.45-4.15pm Tea break
4.15-5.15pm SESSION VIII
(Chair: Erle Lim)

Invited Lecture

Carmel McNaught:
Unpacking the terms 'digital natives' and 'digital learners' in the context of higher education in Hong Kong

5.15pm End 
8.00am Morning coffee
9.00-9.15am Opening remarks:
Tan Thiam Soon
9.15-10.15am SESSION IX 
(Chair: Matthew Gwee)

Invited Lecture

Daphne Pan:
Teaching and learning in the age of 'Gen Y' students 

10.15-10.30am Tea break
10.30am-12.00pm SESSION X 
(Chair: Yap Von Bing)
(Chair: Laksh Samavedham)
(Chair: Goh Say Song)
  Yang Ying:
Creating a personal learning environment: Using the Symbaloo platform for collocation learning
Rainer Knauf, Yoshitaka Sakurai & Setsuo Tsuruta:
A data mining method to optimize individually personalized curricula in university education
Petrina Loh & Frank Harris III:
Racial/ethnic Identity development of mixed-race university students
  Palaniyandi Sivakumar:
Efficacy of guided exploration strategy in learning life science
Neelam Aggarwal & Nachamma Sockalingam:
Challenges and strategies in teaching working professionals and adult learners
Tan Joo Ean & Nurliyana Daros:
The Gen-Y Self: How Singaporean undergraduates see themselves
  Peggie P K Chan:
Learning from students' teaching to learn
Lawrence Chin:
Teaching a professional degree course: Issues and challenges
Esther C L Goh:
A student centric perspective on managing supervisor-student dynamics for PhD studies
12.00-12.45pm SESSION XIII:
Student Panel I 
(Facilitator: Laksh Samavedham)
  Jim C L Gan, Audrey W P Chan & Liu Shuli:
Fostering and facilitating structured learning clusters 
12.45-1.45pm Lunch
1.45-2.30pm SESSION XIV
Student Panel II
(Facilitator: Bernard Tan)
  Loganathan Ponnambalam, Chakravathy Mynampati Kalyan, Bori Ige & Kanchi Lakshmi Kiran:
Contemporary graduate education: Where is it and where could it be?
2.30-4.30pm SESSION XV (2.30-4.00pm)
(Chair: Teofilo Daquila)
(Chair: Phil Chan)
(Chair: Jochen Wirtz)
  Deepa Rao:
Role-plays to promote student-centred learning: An innovative approach
Philip Barnard:
Teaching the archive to digital natives: 'What is an author?' in the 21st century?
Laura Winer & Cynthia Weston:
Creating a 21st century campus: A continuum of learning environments 
  John Yap:
Virtual fun and challenge: Case study of learning cybercrime in Second Life
Barry White:
Literacies for the new world economy: Facilitating emergent definitions of academic discourse
Kumar Laxman:
Fostering active learning approaches through a re-design of learning spaces
  Edward Errington:
Meeting the challenges faced by educators using simulation to supplement [medical] students' lived experience
Pauziah Mat Hassan & Nur Huslinda Che Mat:
Metacognitive strategies of ESL learners in Malaysian higher learning institutions 
Wu Jinlu & Ho Danliang:
Student-designed mutations on experimental protocols: Promoting students’ ownership of learning in a teaching laboratory
    Paramita Atmodiwirjo & Yandi Andri Yatmo:
Blogs as media for knowledge extension, idea reflection and creative thinking for architecture students
Ganthi Viswanathan, Gan Chee Lip & Peter Looker:
A comparative study of technology-enabled small group learning spaces: Student and faculty preferences and perspectives
4.30-5.30pm SESSION XVIII 
(Chair: Chng Huang Hoon)

Invited Lecture

Dan Bernstein:
Constructing understanding from the inside out



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