Designing blended learning environments that engage students


According to Dewey (1916), "the engagement of the imagination is the only thing that makes any activity more than mechanical". Engagement, in the context of learning, refers to the “emotional and mental energy that students are willing to expend during a learning experience” (Stein & Graham, 2014). Numerous studies have shown that “academic achievement is positively influenced by the amount of active participation in the learning process” (Graham et al., 2007). This 18-hour course focuses on guiding participants through an evidence-based approach to design and develop blended modules that aim to engage learners. Examples of how these principles and strategies are instantiated in various disciplinary domains in university settings will be shared at the session.



Faculty members should:

  • have either (i) taught a module for at least a semester, or (ii) started to implement flipped classroom and want to learn more.
  • be able to commit all 6 sessions. Please refer to the dates listed below.


Course Instructors

Dr Adrian Michael Lee, Deputy Director, CDTL
Mr Alan Soong, Associate Director (Learning Design & Research), CDTL
Ms Jeanette Choy, Senior Education Specialist, CDTL
Ms Charina Ong, Senior Education Technologist, CDTL
Mr Narayanan Shyam, Senior Associate Director, CIT
Mr Kenneth Gerard Pinto, Lead Education Technologist, CIT
Ms Wanyun, Education Technologist, CIT
Mr Wee Ying Qin, Education Technologist, CIT



For further information about the blended learning course, please contact:

Adrian Lee

Deputy Director, CDTL