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First Look articles
Take a first look at the latest additions to this new section, which will showcase articles by faculty members covering a diverse range of teaching and learning topics. They will feature in subsequent thematic issues of CDTL Brief.

The Impact of Incorporating Ageing Simulation Games into a Module on Social Gerontology

Dr HONG Song-Iee

Department of Social Work

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to teaching gerontology in social work is having to overcome the negative impression undergraduates have of older adults and ageing. Continue reading>>

A Preliminary Study to Increase Student Engagement & Motivation in a Biological Psychology Module

Dr Travellia F. TJOKRO

Department of Psychology

This article aims to describe a preliminary study on how to increase student engagement and motivation in a Biological Psychology module. Continue reading>>

Design-based Learning in the Engineering Science Programme: Major Design Project on Solar-powered Buggy

Associate Professor Palani BALAYA

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Science Programme
In the current era, it is mandatory to raise student awareness about renewable energy resources to mitigate the effects of climate change. In order to achieve significant progress in... Continue reading>>
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