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First Look articles
Take a first look at the latest additions to this new section, which will showcase articles by faculty members covering a diverse range of teaching and learning topics. They will feature in subsequent thematic issues of CDTL Brief.

Chemical Engineering Students Design for Powering the World

Dr Mukta Bansal, A/P M. P. Srinivasan, Professor Gade Pandu Rangaiah,
A/P Sibudjing Kawi, Professor I.A. Karimi & Dr Armando Borgna

Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

The capstone design project is a core requirement in many chemical engineering undergraduate programmes around the world. In this module/course, typically taken in the final semester, students participate in a group project to design a chemical process or product and submit a detailed report. Continue reading>>

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Diabetes Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals

Dr Joyce Lee

Dept of Pharmacy 

Diabetes is an increasing epidemic in Asia. According to the International Diabetes Federation (2011), the number of patients with diabetes is projected to increase from 366 million in 2011 to 552 million in 2030 worldwide. Continue reading>>

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