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This issue of CDTL Brief on Use of IT in Education discusses how IT can be used in various context to facilitate teaching and learning as well as factors that motivate or discourage faculty to adopt IT in teaching their courses.

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April 2007, Vol. 10 No. 2 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Innovative Use of IT: A Surgeon’s Perspective
Dr Davide Lomanto
Senior Teaching Fellow,
Department of Surgery, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine,
National University of Singapore

Minimally Invasive Surgical Centre,
National University Hospital, Singapore
The world has evolved and we are now living in the age of nuclear weapons and silicon chips. This is also the age of computers and information technology, commonly referred to as the 'e-age'. Continue reading

Let Go of My Lego!
Dr Terence Sim
Department of Computer Science
In the modern classroom where IT usage is taken for granted, what can I possibly say that will interest my readers? Worse, what innovative use of IT in pedagogy can possibly excite students like those in the School of Computing who are already avid users of computer technology? Continue reading

IT and Experiential Learning
Associate Professor Marcelo H Ang Jr
Department of Mechanical Engineering
The ubiquity of information technology (IT) in our daily lives is obvious and everybody acknowledges its usefulness in education. This article focuses on the use of IT to facilitate learning, highlights different aspects of using IT in teaching and learning and explains why the potential of IT in teaching and learning may be underestimated. Continue reading

Using Blogs to Teach Philosophy
Dr John Christian Holbo
Department of Philosophy
It has been three years since I taught a module that did not have a blog (online journals). I take for granted that much of the value of any module consists in what happens in blog comments, and I fi nd the practice of posting on blogs to be a good discipline. Continue reading

Factors Affecting the Adoption of Information Technology (IT) in Higher Education
Ms Kiruthika Ragupathi
Educational Technologist

Mr Krishna Booluck
Research Assistant

Ms Rita Roop
Senior Administrative Officer
Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning
Information technology (IT) refers to an integrated framework of computers, software applications, multimedia content, the Internet, web-based applications, learning management systems (e.g. IVLE) and other tools that can be used to enhance the teaching and learning process. Continue reading

A Conceptual Model to Guide the Use of ICT in Teaching and Learning
Mr Low Hon Loon, Alfred
Educational Technologist,
Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning
Educators who are out-of-sync with Information Communications Technologies (ICT)'s evolution often feel alienated by it. The reason for this alienation is manifold: first, in their struggles to accept new teaching and learning technologies and second, in the conciliation between the features of new technologies against a teacher's pedagogical beliefs, which includes Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK). Continue reading