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This issue of CDTL Brief on Engaging Students features articles by colleagues and a student on how to engage students in the learning process at different levels.

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May 2009, Vol. 12 No. 2 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Encouraging Youth Engagement in the Public Square
Dr Tan Seow Hon
Faculty of Law

The hopeless apathy of our youths is an urban myth. In our students’ worlds, such as the blogosphere, they feel strongly about some issues and energetically engage one another, even as some may seem indifferent in our classes. Continue reading

Designing Interactive Spaces for Teaching and Learning
Associate Professor Chng Huang Hoon
Director, CDTL

When it comes to promoting interactive teaching and learning, a little change goes a long way. Continue reading

Make Large Classes Engaging With ‘Quick-ins’
Associate Professor Milagros (Millie) Rivera
Communications and New Media

Let’s face it, many undergraduate students view large lectures as the ideal setting to fade into an anonymous mass, relax, catch up on their emails and touch base with friends using various online platforms. Continue reading

Learning Spaces
Associate Professor John Richardson
Department of English Language and Literature and
Vice Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
The layout of a teaching room cannot determine the nature of the interaction and learning that take place in it, but it can exert a considerable influence. Continue reading

Maximising Opportunities for Experiential Learning at NUS
Raphael Ong
2nd-year student, Faculty of Science
Studying at NUS definitely has its perks. Apart from the core requirements that leads to a degree, NUS also has various programmes to augment the undergraduates’ learning experience. Continue reading