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This issue of CDTL Brief features articles on Professional Development and Curriculum Design and its significance in higher education.

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July 2009, Vol. 12 No. 3 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
International Approaches to Aligning Learning-centred Curricula and Staff Development:
Developing Scholarly Approaches to Curriculum and Pedagogical Practice in Higher Education
Associate Professor Harry Hubball
Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy,
University of British Columbia, Canada

There is growing recognition of the complexity of academic work and the need for scholarly approaches to curricula and pedagogical practices in higher education (Hubball & Gold, 2007). Continue reading

Specifying Learning Outcomes in Graduate Business Education—Insights on Theory and Practice
Dr Ann Bourke
Vice Principal for Teaching and Learning
College of Business and Law
University College Dublin

In 2005, University College Dublin (UCD)1 redesigned its programme offerings and moved to a modular and semesterised (rather than yearlong) system. Continue reading

Traversing Borders, Integrating Knowledge(s)
Associate Professor Michelle M. Lazar
Department of English Language and Literature

As university teachers, we know that knowledge is not a bounded entity, but a borderless journey. It is a journey that can be challenging and frustrating for the absence of clear-cut parameters and the ongoing, ‘unfinished’ nature of knowledge formation. Continue reading

Processes in Module Planning
Assistant Professor Chan Chun Yong, Eric
Department of Pharmacy

The objective of this short communication is to highlight some key processes that should be considered in module planning. These include clarification and specification of pedagogical goals in designing students’ learning experience. Continue reading