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In this issue of CDTL Brief, colleagues from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences discuss various aspects of peer teaching and learning, including their experiences in using Peer Editing and Peer Reviews in their classrooms, as well as the challenges they faced when they applied these pedagogical tools in their respective modules to foster active, student-centred learning.

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December 2010, Vol. 13 No. 3 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Moving Beyond Student Presentations: Peer Teaching
Associate Professor Sunita Anne Abraham
Department of English Language and Literature

Being a firm believer in independent collaborative learning, I invited students to adopt the role of “peer teachers”... Continue reading

The Use of Peer Review as a Pedagogical Tool in a New Media Ethics Module

Dr Ingrid Maria Hoofd
Communications and New Media Programme (CNM)

Over the last years, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), particularly CNM, has seen a slow yet steady rise in the use of peer review in the classroom. Continue reading

Peer Editing as a Learning Tool for Writing for the Media
Ms Mary Lee Ching Ling
Communications and New Media Programme (CNM)

The designers of NM3219 “Writing for Communication Management” wanted to build the writing skills of communication management students… Continue reading

Restructuring Writing Assignments to Develop Students’ Critical Thinking Skills
Dr Ryoko Nakano
Department of Japanese Studies

As one of the major goals of higher education, developing students’ critical thinking skills is a top priority among educators in NUS… Continue reading