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Our first instalment of CDTL Brief for 2011 is all about the various Teaching Tools our educators use to engage students and stimulate their interest in the subject. Whether commercially procured or developed by the educators themselves, these tools serve to enhance their students’ understanding of abstract concepts and ultimately enrich their learning experience. We are pleased to have colleagues from the medical, science, design and environment as well as engineering faculties share their teaching experiences in this area.

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June 2011, Vol. 14 No. 1 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Using Routine Workplace Audits as Educational Tools: Teaching Hand Hygiene to Medical Students
Associate Professor Dale Fisher
Department of Medicine

As educators, we are increasingly aware of the benefits of practical simulation-based teaching over traditional didactic teaching. In medicine, “real patient learning” has shown how theory … Continue reading

The Use of Simulation in Paediatric Undergraduate Education

Dr Nicola Ngiam
Department of Paediatrics

The use of simulation in the aviation and nuclear power industries has set the stage for the use of these same tools in medical education. The rationale behind using simulation in teaching clinical medicine seems intuitive … Continue reading

The Examination Library Folder (ELF): A Courseware to Manage Examination Questions
Dr Kang Lifeng
Department of Pharmacy

Students’ expectations of the type of exam they may take have greatly influenced the way they study. If students expect an exam which places greater emphasis on the application of knowledge … Continue reading

Personal Experiences in Teaching Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Dr Jiang Jianwen
Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

The module CN2121 “Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics” is a core module for undergraduate students taking chemical engineering. The module provides … Continue reading

Using Full-sized Construction Models to Teach Construction Technology
Professor Michael Chew Yit Lin
Department of Building

When it comes to the teaching of practical modules such as PF2302 “Construction Technology”, the teaching objectives we strive for include … Continue reading