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Our first instalment of CDTL Brief for 2011 is all about the various Teaching Tools our educators use to engage students and stimulate their interest in the subject. Whether commercially procured or developed by the educators themselves, these tools serve to enhance their students’ understanding of abstract concepts and ultimately enrich their learning experience. We are pleased to have colleagues from the medical, science, design and environment as well as engineering faculties share their teaching experiences in this area.

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Using Full-sized Construction Models to Teach Construction Technology
Professor Michael Chew Yit Lin
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

When it comes to the teaching of practical modules such as PF2302 “Construction Technology”, the teaching objectives we strive for include:

• Equipping students with the latest knowledge in construction technology, maintainability, building diagnosis and repair, as well as enabling them to relate and apply these knowledge in problem solving.

• Enabling students to cultivate the cognitive skills to critically and comparatively analyse:

construction detail and methods of achieving appropriate standards of performance relating to weathering, durability, strength, fire resistance, thermal and sound insulation as well as other relevant factors


the integration of construction plant and equipment in the erection of buildings, particularly for more complex construction works and under difficult working conditions


the economic use of resources.

• Encouraging and promoting creative and innovative thinking through problem solving of real-life problems.

In this article, I will talk about the following teaching aids which were developed to achieve these objectives.

The “Construction Technology” website

In this website (see Figures 1, 2a and 2b), which is meant for teaching and fostering interaction with students, a comprehensive database and information on construction technology has been compiled to include reports, slides and the animations of construction sequences of various elements and components. Students can explore the website at

Figure 1. Home page of the “Construction Technology” website

Figure 2a. Summary of topics on the “Construction Technology” website. Figure 2b. Case studies and other resources on the “Construction Technology” website.

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