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This issue of CDTL Brief is all about Cultivating Active Learners: Applying Scenario-Based Learning and Other Teaching Strategies to Enrich Classroom Learning. Whether it is utilising “real-life“ or non-analogous scenarios to stimulate students’ interest in complex life science concepts such as metabolism or the human immune system, or using role-play to build students’ confidence in tackling commercial real estate issues, the colleagues who have generously shared their teaching experiences here are united in their common goal of equipping their students with the skills to become active learners.

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October/November 2011, Vol. 14 No. 2 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Contextualised Teaching Towards Active Learning
Dr Yew Wen Shan
Department of Biochemistry

I taught LSM1201 “Metabolism and Regulation”, a core module in the Life Sciences curriculum in Semester 1 of Academic Year 2009/2010. The module comprised… Continue reading

Using Role Play to Enhance Classroom Learning: A Case Study in Real Estate
Associate Professor Sing Tien Foo
Department of Real Estate

Role play is an effective tool to help students learn from real world problems in the classroom. Not only does role play encourage student participation, it simulates … Continue reading

Effective Cancer Pharmacology Teaching Through Guided Self-learning and Students’ Short Presentations in Small Group Tutorials
Dr Gautam Sethi and Associate Professor John M. Luk
Department of Pharmacology

Teaching small groups affords distinct benefits over the more widely used lecture and one-on-one methods… Continue reading

Application of a Novel Non-analogous Scenario for Introducing Human Immunology
Associate Professor Paul A. MacAry
Department of Microbiology and LSI Immunology Programme

One of the most powerful tools available for the formulation of new scientific theories is the ability to think in abstract terms about observable phenomena, and applying … Continue reading

Embedding Graduate Attributes Into Four Discipline Areas Using Scenario-based Learning
E.P. Errington, L. Ireland, A. Nickson, R. Sorin and M.L. Caltabiano
James Cook University, Queensland, Australia

An expanding student population, widening participation and the subsequent pressure on work placement opportunities where students, as would-be professionals, can articulate and present … Continue reading