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August/September 2013, Vol. 16 No. 2 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready

Technology-Enabled Learning & Using Gameplay to Enhance Learning

As technology gains increasing prominence in our daily lives, educators are also recognising its potential to make a transformative impact on higher education teaching and learning. That the University is preparing for its campus-wide eLearning Week this semester is an example of how… Continue reading>>


Aspects of Technology-Enabled Learning
Using Pigeonhole® Live to Elicit Feedback, Questions & Reinforce Learning During Lectures
Dr Gijsbert GROTENBREG  
Department of Microbiology & Department of Biological Sciences  
Dr Justin Soon Boon WONG  
Department of Microbiology & Department of Pathology  

The pedagogical efficacy of lectures can be improved if the lecturer can gauge when students are confused about a certain learning point, and then make use of this feedback to reiterate the point more effectively during the lecture… Continue reading>>


Facilitating Engaged & Authentic Learning Through a Collaborative Online Platform
Dr CHO Im Sik
Department of Architecture

In this short article, I will share my experiences in setting up the ‘Asian Urban Epicenters’ website (, a comprehensive online platform for sharing thoughts on Asian urbanism. The initiative stemmed from my own personal interest and desire to… Continue reading>>


Student Perceptions of the Use of Technology in Teaching: Towards a Positive Learning Experience
Dr Stephen Wee Hun LIM & Mr Paul Zhihao YONG
Department of Psychology

In working towards achieving successful educational outcomes, we as educators need to identify and be constantly cautioned against the potential pitfalls in teaching and learning. These pitfalls can include… Continue reading>>


Using Gameplay to Enhance Learning
"Let’s Be A (Virtual) Doctor": Using Gameplay to Increase Medical Students' Clinical Exposure to Paediatrics
Dr NG Kar Hui
Department of Paediatrics
One of the greatest challenges in the education of future doctors is the teaching of clinical reasoning skills. These involve the ability to find and analyse the clinical problem to work out its solutions. Acquiring clinical reasoning skills is difficult, and they are best learnt through… Continue reading>>