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On 21 February, CDTL organised a seminar entitled “NUS Strategic Plans: Where are we and where do we go from here?” led by Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Chong Chi Tat. Associate Professor Tong Chee Kiong, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and Professor Andrew Nee, dean of the Faculty of Engineering, served as discussants. In this first issue of CDTLBrief, we are pleased to bring you the following summary of the seminar presentations and discussion.

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April 1998, Vol. 1 No. 1 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Session 1
Prof Chong Chi Tat
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
The publication on NUS’s strategic plan called University in the 21st Century was launched in late 1996, the result of the study of a task force headed by DVC Hang. Continue reading

Session 2
A/P Tong Chee Kiong
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Teaching. The push towards a broad-based education is central to the development of the university as well as the faculty. We are moving towards training students for jobs and areas of work that haven’t been invented yet. Continue reading

Session 3
Prof Andrew Nee
Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Teaching and learning. When we talk about teaching and learning, we must know what kinds of graduates we aim to produce. For example, we are aiming to produce mobile graduates who not only serve Singapore, but also the region and the world. Continue reading

Q & A Session
Q: I would like to ask the university to reinvestigate the question of two career paths for staff. Prof Nee mentioned a professor in Australia who devised a system of tutorial assessment. Iím sure he spent a lot of time on this. And if you do, youíre going to sacrifice a lot of your research. So, whilst I agree that sometimes research and teaching can be coincident, in general, I do not believe this is so. Continue reading