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We are pleased to present the following Brief on the use of IT in education, featuring short articles from six teachers who have recently presented at one of our seminars on IT-related issues.

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October 1998, Vol. 1 No. 2 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Seminar 1
Dr Daphne Pan
Director, CDTL
How can users best benefit from the use of technology? IT is only one tool. General Motors learnt this lesson in the ’80s when it invested heavily in technology only to find marginal gains in quality and productivity. Critical success factors include strategic planning, astute application and employee participation. Continue reading

Seminar 2
A/P W.A.M. Alwis
Faculty of Engineering
The Global Campus project envisages a network that links teaching staff and students. Two major models for mode of participation appear to have gained acceptance among teachers who lead the pioneering effort. Continue reading

Seminar 3
Dr Chee Yam San
School of Computing
We can leverage the use of IT for educational purposes through three main avenues: web-based content, courseware and IT usage. Web-based content typically includes information such as course outlines and schedules, tutorial questions, lecture notes, etc, which students can browse online or download and print. Continue reading

Seminar 4
A/P K.C.Lun
Director, Medical Informatics
Programme, Faculty of Medicine
The use of IT for teaching and student learning has come a long way in the last two decades. In 1976, when I first joined the Department of Social Medicine and Public Health (now known as COFM), I knew IT could help make learning biostatistics “painless” for our students. Continue reading

Seminar 5
Dr Ismail S.Talib
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
One of the teaching resources that arose naturally with the emergence of the World Wide Web was the creation of course Web sites. There are several advantages in setting up such a site, and a few of these will be mentioned here. Continue reading

Seminar 6
A/P John Potter
Head, Acoustic Research Laboratory
Faculty of Engineering
Lotus ScreenCam is a software package that records your computer screen like a video camera, but no cameras, lights, expensive equipment or television skills are required. Not exactly blockbuster video, but it records audio too. Continue reading