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At NUS and the world at large, the relevance and importance of cultivating EQ continues to grow. To increase awareness and prompt discussion among our readers, we are pleased in this issue of CDTL Brief to present several informed perspectives on the subject of EQ.

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March 1999, Vol. 2 No. 1 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Nurturing Emotional Intelligence in University Students
Professor Hang Chang Chieh
Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Producing well-rounded students and achieving academic excellence are traditional goals in education emphasised by NUS in its strategic plan for the 21st century and recently reaffirmed by the Ministry of Education in its publication, The Desired Outcomes of Education. Continue reading

Summary of Chan Cheng’s EQ For Youths For You
Ms Neo Chee Szu
Administrative Officer, CDTL

EQ For Youths For You (Singapore: SNP Publishing Pte Ltd, 1999) is a book written in Chinese by Asst Prof Chan Cheng from the Department of Social Work & Psychology, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, based on his experiences working with the Juvenile Court and various youth organisations in Singapore. Continue reading

Emotional Intelligence and Careers
Asst Prof Tey Tsun Hang
Faculty of Law
The workplace is changing, and changing fast. It is no longer just how smart we are, by our professional training and expertise, which determines success in careers. Today, more than ever, personal qualities like initiative, empathy, adaptability and persuasiveness feature prominently. Continue reading