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In the current push to use new technologies in the area of teaching and learning, perhaps it is time to take a step back and reflect on the pedagogical pros and cons of such efforts. In this issue of CDTL Brief, we present several viewpoints on the topic of Fundamental Teaching Skills in an IT Age.

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March 1999, Vol. 2 No. 2 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Helping Students Learn in the IT Age
Assoc Prof Daphne Pan
Director, CDTL
At NUS, much effort has gone into helping teaching staff to become IT-competent and incorporate IT into their teaching. But as we move away from the traditional, face-to-face classroom scenario, perhaps more needs to be done with empowering students to learn in the new environment. Continue reading

Why IT Can Never Replace The Lecturer
Assoc Prof Winston Seah Kar Heng
Department of Mechanical & Production Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

IT, when used for the purpose of teaching and learning, is able to perform some functions that lecturers are unable to fulfill. For example in engineering, animated examples of certain machinery can be demonstrated to students without having to visit the actual mechanical plant. Continue reading

Computer Technology at NUS: Some Reflections
Dr Francis N. Pavri
Department of Decision Sciences
Faculty of Business Administration
Recently, NUS has embarked on a very ambitious project to use computer technology campus-wide. In research, academics have been given generous upgrades of computers. In administration, more and more services are being put on-line to allow for quicker and more efficient turnaround. Continue reading

IT Showcase
Mr J. A. Gilles Doiron
Principal Educational Technologist, CDTL
During the Induction Programme for New Teaching Staff (25 February 1999), an IT showcase was held in the CDTL Computer Workstation where the participants could log on and access the web sites that were being described by the three presenters. Continue reading

Fundamental Teaching Skills in an IT Age
Asst Prof Alice Christudason
School of Building & Real Estate
Faculty of Architecture, Building & Real Estate
Under the traditional model, a teacher tasked with undergraduate/postgraduate instruction plays a gamut of roles. This ranges from the designing of a course, delivering of lectures from information gleaned from readings, research and experience and acting as discussion moderator, to acting as an evaluator who prepares and evaluates tests and decides the extent of students’ mastery of his subject. Continue reading

Is IT It?
Asst Prof Helmer Aslaksen
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science
There’s currently a lot of talk about the use of Information Technology in teaching at NUS with the assumption that IT is good. I’m a strong advocate of IT in teaching, but I believe we must realise that IT is no panacea, and that not all of its use is effective. Continue reading