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On Saturday 3 April 1999, CDTL organised a seminar on student assessment which was led by Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Hang Chang Chieh. In this issue of CDTL Brief, we present to you a summary of Professor Hang’s discussion and the Q & A session that followed.

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August 10 1999, Vol. 2 No. 4 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Professor Hang Chang Chieh
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
The purpose of assessment is very important. Is it to assess our students or is it to assess the effectiveness of our teaching? And is it correct to have the same criteria for all kinds of assessment? We have to think deeply about these, for it is part and parcel of our professional duties and responsibilities. Continue reading

Some of the points you raised actually point to the administrative hurdles which are experienced by teachers. One difficulty is the bell curve. That is okay with essay type questions. You can give marks of 80% or 60% depending on what you expect. Continue reading