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This issue of CDTL Brief is published for the purpose of informing our colleagues of the discussion concerning the recommendations for change to Student Feedback and Peer Review, and to invite further feedback to help fine-tune the proposals before they are implemented.

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January 2000, Vol. 3 No. 1 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Student Feedback & Peer Review
DVC Professor Chong Chi Tat opened with some remarks about events leading to the dialogue session. As issues of institutional self-evaluation and improvement are of perennial interest at NUS, the Student Feedback and Peer Review exercises came up again for discussion during a meeting of the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellors some months ago. Continue reading

The Proposed Student Feedback Questionnaire (2000)
The purpose of this feedback questionnaire is to gather information on your learning experience, as well as your responses to the course and the teacher(s). Please think of these questions as eliciting your subjective perceptions on various aspects of the course and the teachers involved in the course. Continue reading

The Proposed Peer Review Checklist (2000)
This checklist consists of a quantitative part and a qualitative part. The quantitative part yields a numerical score that corresponds to an overall evaluation of the teaching quality. The qualitative part provides feedback to the teacher and verbal evaluation not covered by the qualitative part. Continue reading