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October 2000, Vol. 3 No. 5 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Organising Apprenticeship Programmes: Methods, Pitfalls and Optimisation
Assistant Professor Gambhir Bhatta
Department of Political Science / Affiliate, CDTL
As organisations become more complex with the onslaught of information technology and dynamic work processes, more premium is placed on mimicking these trends in student curricula. Consequently, the role of apprenticeship is increasingly regarded as being central to the students’ learning process. How exactly does this process work and what are some of the pitfalls in organising, managing,and evaluating such programmes? Continue reading

Setting Up the Department of Biological Sciences’ Professional Placement Programme
Associate Professor Victor Wong and
Mrs Wong Wai Peng
Department of Biological Sciences
In the first semester of the 1998/1999 academic year, the Department of Biological Sciences set up its Professional Placement Programme (PPP). This article summarises our experiences in organising this nascent programme of industrial attachment for our students. Continue reading

Practical Training Scheme at the Departments of Building and Real Estate
Mr Teo Pin Associate Professor Alice Christudason
Department of Building/ Chairman, Practical Training Scheme
Department of Real Estate/ Associate Director, CDTL
Under the provisions of the course curriculum, students at the Departments of Building and Real Estate in the School of Design & Environment are required to undergo 9 weeks of approved practical training in each of the second and third years of the course. The Departments view the Practical Training Scheme as a tripartite responsibility involving the outside host organisation, the student, and the University. Continue reading

The Applied Chemistry Professional Placement Programme
Associate Professor Stephan Jaenicke
Department of Chemistry
The Applied Chemistry Programme in the Chemistry Department was implemented during the 1997/98 academic year. Then, 8 students were allowed to enter the programme at Level 2, and a larger cohort entered regularly at Level 1. The first students graduated with their B.Sc in 1999, and the first B.Sc (Hons.) class completed the course earlier this year. Continue reading

The Virtual Laboratory Platform as a Form of Internet-based Apprenticeship
Bok Shung Hwee, Sim Vee Ming, Andrew Nee Yeh Ching Goh Eng Lim
Department of Mechanical & Production Engineering SGI, Inc
Rapid changes in technology have led to the recent development of internet-based virtual laboratories. In this article, we would like to examine the impact and potential of virtual laboratories in the area of engineering education as a useful tool for learning curricula and experiencing real-life work situations. Continue reading

Civil Service Internship Programme for Political Science Students
Associate Professor David Seth Jones
Internship Coordinator, Department of Political Science
Since 1993, the Department of Political Science has participated in the Civil Service Student Internship Programme, under which students are attached to a Ministry for six weeks during the long May/June vacation. So far, 93 Political Science students have participated in the Programme, including 13 students selected for the Programme in May/June 2000. Continue reading

Internship for Arts Students in the Talent Development Programme
Associate Professor David Seth Jones
Dean’s Office, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
Under the Talent Development Programme (TDP) specially tailored for the top performing students in the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, an internship programme was set up in 1998 whereby students are attached to a public or business organisation for a period of six to eight weeks during their May/June vacation. Continue reading

Apprenticeship in Postgraduate Orthodontic Training
Assistant Professor Kelvin Foong Weng Chiong
Department of Preventive Dentistry
As a teacher at the Faculty of Dentistry, I am faced each academic year with the utmost responsibility of grooming new postgraduate students and developing in them a love for learning. In the paragraphs that follow, I wish to share with fellow teachers my philosophy of training postgraduates for successful careers in Orthodontics. Continue reading

Student Responses to the Pharmacy Practice Preceptorship Programme
Assistant Professor Chan Sui Yung
Programme Coordinator, Department of Pharmacy
The Pharmacy Practice Preceptorship Programme is made up of two 6-week student attachments to preceptors who are practising pharmacists after their second and third year final examinations. It also fulfils in part the statutory pre-registration training requirement for admittance to the Pharmacists’ Register in Singapore. Continue reading