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Glossary of Basic Technical Terms
(used in this CDTL Brief)

World Wide Web (WWW, Web), the:
a global system of connected documents on the Internet where information is published (in textual, visual and/or audion format) and accessed through a web browser.

Internet (Net), the:
a global network of indiviual computers and smaller computer networks that allows all connected computers to exchange and share information

a network of computers within an organisation or company that functions very much like the Internet, except that it caters exclusively to the organisation or company

web site:
a collection of wen pages on the WWW belonging to a single organisation, company, or party

web page:
a document on the WWW containing information in textual, visual and/or audio formats

web browser:
a programme used for viewing web pages on the WWW (e.g. Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc.)

a connection from a point in one web page to another point within the same page or in another page on the same website, or on a page in another web site

text that contains a hyperlink

an area ont he computer's hard disk where previously accessed information is stored for quicker viewing when the information is accessed again

screen capture (screen grab, print screen):
temporary saving of the current

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Glossary of Basic Technical Terms (used in this CDTL Brief)