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April 2001, Vol. 4 No. 2 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Motivating Students by Providing Feedback
Associate Professor Ip Yuen Kwong
Associate Director, CDTL
Department of Biological Sciences
Learning involves selecting relevant information and interpreting it through one's existing knowledge. Accordingly, the teacher becomes a participant with the learner in a shared process of cognition (i.e. constructing meaning in a given situation). Continue reading

Motivating Students to Learn: Stories, Questions and Students' Names
Mr Philip David Reece
Deputy Program Chair (Commerce)
Murdoch University, Rockingham Regional Campus
Perth, Western Australia
It is the responsibility of a teaching academic to impart to his students more than just knowledge alone. It is an integral part of the teaching process that academics impart the joy of learning to their students such that the sheer love of learning becomes an intrinsic motivator for them to excel for themselves. This can be rather loosely defined as 'Motivation'. Continue reading

Motivating Students Taking CFM and GER Modules
Assistant Professor Ling Yean Yng
Department of Building
With the move towards broad-based learning, more and more students will need to read Cross Faculty Modules (CFM). In academic year 2001/02, students will also read General Education Modules (GEM) . Continue reading