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For students to learn effectively, it is vital for teachers to plan and design their courses well. Consequently, this issue of CDTL Brief looks at ways to promote successful Curriculum Design.  
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December 2001, Vol. 4 No. 6 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Designing & Planning a Successful Course: Bridging the Gap between Common Practice & Best Practice
Mr Glen O’ Grady
Senior Educational Development Specialist, CDTL
A successful course, one in which students learn what we educators intend them to in a meaningful manner, is the result of many factors. In my ten years’ experience of advising faculty on educational matters, I have found that the ‘successful’ or ‘outstanding teacher’ is frequently the one who carefully conceptualises his/her courses and then organises these ideas into working plans and detailed course documents. Continue reading

Curriculum Design & Implementation: The Basics
Associate Professor Rethy K. Chhem Associate Professor Khoo Hoon Eng
Department of Diagnostic Radiology Department of Biochemistry
For most of us without a background in education, a curriculum often means a sequence of lectures, teaching timetables, examination sessions and grading. Occasionally, a curriculum can also turn into a turf battle with different departments vying for increased teaching hours for their particular discipline. Continue reading

Practical Steps in Designing a Curriculum to Promote Critical & Creative Thinking
Mr Dennis Sale
Section Head, Educational & Staff Development Department
Singapore Polytechnic
This article provides an outline of the practical steps involved in developing a curriculum to promote critical and creative thinking, what I will refer to as a thinking curriculum. The approach presented is the result of more than three years of applied curriculum development work in promoting thinking. Continue reading