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As knowledge becomes more interrelated, the greater the necessity for teaching to take on a multi-disciplinary approach. Consequently, this issue of CDTL Brief examines some experiences of and issues behind Crossdisciplinary Teaching.

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April 2002, Vol. 5 No. 2 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Pedagogy in the University Scholars Programme
Associate Professor Belal E. Baaquie
Acting Dean, University Scholars Programme
Talented students are amongst our most precious resources. To seek out such students, nurture and educate them so as to fully develop their personal, intellectual and leadership potential, NUS launched the University Scholars Programme in July 2000 by combining the Talent Development Programme and the Core Curriculum. Continue reading

When We Read English Articles:
The Logocentric Anthropologist & Art Students
Mr Hideki Yoshikawa
Part-time Lecturer, Graduate School, Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, Japan
Ph.D. candidate in Anthropology at Simon Fraser University, Canada
For the last three years, as a part-time lecturer, I have been teaching a year-long course formally titled ‘Comparative Ethnology’ at the Graduate School, Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts in Okinawa, Japan. Continue reading