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Glean pointers on teaching and learning as winners of the NUS Outstanding Educator Award share their teaching experiences and views in this issue of CDTL Brief.

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February 2003, Vol. 6 No. 2 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
My Secret of Winning Students to My Side
Professor Y.K. Ip
Department of Biological Sciences/ Associate Director, CDTL
As a teacher, I spend much effort finding out what my students have learnt in the past, how they had learnt these things, and how to facilitate their learning now. This is because I consider that knowledge is not simply statements or facts that students acquire. The word ‘knowledge’ actually means ‘to sport with ideas’. Continue reading

Learning Communities
Associate Professor Philip Holden
Department of English Language & Literature
When you read this article, we will be starting a new semester in a variety of teaching situations. Personally, I will be grappling with new challenges in three new modules. Continue reading

Teaching Insights
Associate Professor Robert Beckman
Vice-Dean (Academic Affairs), Faculty of Law
My teaching philosophy is the result of more than 20 years of teaching experience in the Faculty of Law at NUS. I have taught both substantive law and ‘skills’ courses, and I have constantly experimented with various teaching techniques and methods. Continue reading

Teaching Tips: Developing the Curriculum for a Professional Clinical Course
Associate Professor Lim Lum Peng
Department of Preventive Dentistry
The explosion of knowledge arising from the recent proliferation of information technology has led educators in tertiary institutions to ask questions such as: How do we design a curriculum that will develop self-directed independent life-long learners? How successful have we been thus far in so doing? Continue reading

Teaching Freshman Chemistry
Professor Andy Hor Tzi Sum
Department of Chemistry
There are many ways to teach and achieve teaching objectives. I favour a multitude of approaches, strategies and methodologies that eventually converge. This convergent process serves as a mechanism to shape a scholar in a way that I believe scholars should be. Continue reading

Feeding Them for Life
Assistant Professor Sunita Abraham
Department of English Language & Literature
We have all heard the adage, “Give someone a fish, you feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish, and you feed them for life.” The knowledge-transmission model of education gives students fish. The knowledge-construction model teaches them how to fish, feeding them for life. Continue reading