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Leadership is vital in all organisations. As the writers discuss on the subject of Cultivating Leaders in this issue of CDTL Brief, find out if leaders are made or born, about the role education in nurturing leaders and who or what is responsible for developing ethical leaders.

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April 2003, Vol. 6 No. 4 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Cultivating Leadership & Stewardship
Dr Marshall M. Lih
National Science Foundation
Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A.
There is no greater need in education today than developing leaders of the society who can meet the complex and multifaceted challenges of the 21st Century. The need is global and covers all fields of endeavours and all levels of the society. Continue reading

Leaders: Born or Cultivated?
Professor Tan Sook Yee
Faculty of Law
When I was nominated by my Dean to contribute a piece to this publication, I was initially disinclined towards the task. For a start, are leaders not born rather than cultivated? Continue reading

Teaching and Leadership
Dr Jeff T. Webb
Assistant Dean, University Scholars Programme
As teachers we teach leadership. No matter what we may be teaching, the way in which we teach presents students not only with models of leadership, but also—at least potentially—with opportunities for leadership. Continue reading

Cultivating Leaders in Learning Communities
Associate Professor Ora Kwo
Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong
The forces of globalisation bring new opportunities but also new challenges. Societies that were in the past relatively self-contained now face an invasion of products, services, ideas and values from beyond their borders. Continue reading

Cultivating Leadership Qualities in Students
Assistant Professor Lionel Wee
Department of English Language & Literature
Research is a lonely activity, especially when the location is a library rather than a laboratory. Few experiences in our working life can be more isolating than gathering materials for a dissertation deep in the bowels of some large library. No one can help; no human voice is heard; the only constant is that very special smell of decaying books… Loneliness or isolation is particularly strong for graduate students in the humanities and social sciences because cooperative research is discouraged, especially when writing a dissertation: that is intended to be individual work to exhibit one’s own capacities. Continue reading

Developing Leaders
Assistant Professor William Koh
Department of Management & Organisation
What is leadership? For the purpose of discussion in this article, I would like to consider the following simple, but often-used definition: that leadership is the process of influencing a group towards accomplishing its goals. Continue reading

Education—The Journey to Moral Leadership and Moral Citizenship
Judith A. Johnson, Ed.D.
Yamaguchi University, Japan
The world is in the midst of a global crisis and the universal cry for moral leadership is almost deafening. Although the future seems dark, a basic understanding of what is happening and why may encourage more people to attempt to carry out the role of moral leadership. Continue reading