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Supervising postgraduates brings the research and teaching aspects of an academic career together. To do it well, Postgraduate Supervision is demanding and challenging, requiring careful attention to details, policies, students’ needs and interests, as well as academic integrity and rigour. However, it can be exciting, rewarding and a wonderful learning experience for both the supervisors and their students.

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June 2003, Vol. 6, No. 6 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Improving the Medical Graduate Programme and Supervision of Postgraduate Students
Associate Professor Khoo Hoon Eng
Vice-Dean (Graduate Studies)
Faculty of Medicine
The number of graduate students has increased exponentially with the expansion of the postgraduate programme in NUS over the last decade. In addition, I believe that the mission of the Faculty of Medicine’s PhD programme—to educate and train competent, reliable and self-directed research scientists who have a strong sense of scientific integrity—has played an important role in improving the quality of our PhD graduates over the years. Continue reading

Graduate Research and Supervision in the School of Design and Environment
Associate Professor Low Sui Pheng
Vice-Dean (Academic)
School of Design and Environment
This article briefly describes the measures adopted for graduate research and supervision in the School of Design and Environment (SDE) since June 2000. Continue reading

Building a Graduate Studies Learning Community
Assistant Professor Stephen John Appold
Department of Sociology
Last semester (Semester I, Academic Year 2002–2003) Leong Wai Teng and I initiated the course, SC5104 Foundations for Social Research. It was the first course designed specifically for graduate research students offered by the Department of Sociology. Continue reading

Bibliographic Instruction: Search Strategy for Graduate Students
Associate Professor Yeap Lay Leng Mr Anthony Tan Chin Lok
National Institute of Education
Nanyang Technological University
Assistant Manager, Educational Development Centre
Nanyang Polytechnic
Bibliographic instruction is the process of teaching a more sophisticated and advanced level of literature search by integrating all levels of library orientation and instruction. The process whereby graduate students search for information from a whole range of bibliographic tools such as card catalogues, references, abstracts, indexes, bibliographies, search engines and electronic databases is ‘bibliographic inquiry’. Continue reading

The Graduate Tutor Training Workshop in the Department of Mathematics
Associate Professor Helmer Aslaksen &
Mr Ng Kah Loon
Department of Mathematics
Each semester, the Department of Mathematics hires about ten local and foreign graduate students as tutors. In order to help its graduate tutors provide quality teaching, the department has conducted a graduate tutor training workshop since 1999, in addition to the training programme organised by the university. Continue reading