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This issue of CDTL Brief on Balancing Teaching and Research discusses the delicate relationship between teaching and research and offers tips on how to balance them optimally.

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August 2004, Vol. 7, No. 7 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Strengthening the Teaching-research Nexus
Assistant Professor Lionel Wee
Department of English Language & Literature
In the study of language planning, particularly when looking at how languages are accommodated in multilingual societies, it has been observed that language policies typically adopt a strategy of ‘unilingualism’, where they attempt to carve out unique spaces for individual languages. Continue reading

Balancing Teaching & Research: The Struggles of a New Assistant Professor
Dr Wee Su-Lin, Valerie
Department of English Language & Literature
When CDTL first approached me to share my experiences on balancing teaching and research, I must admit to no small measure of surprise. While I have a fair amount of experience with struggling to effectively combine my commitment to teaching and research, I cannot claim to have discovered any definitive solution to the challenges I still continue to face. Continue reading

My Ride on the MRT: Marriage between Research and Teaching
Assistant Professor Low Boon Chuan
Department of Biological Sciences
Like all others who have chosen their jobs with passion and are geared towards giving their best to the companies or sectors they serve, educators bear unique societal roles in helping to shape the country’s young minds from pre-school to the higher levels. As the level of education rises, so does the level of complexity and emergence of new knowledge we want to see being imparted to our students. Continue reading

Research/ Writing Groups
Associate Professor John Whalen-Bridge
Department of English Language & Literature
One stubborn problem for lecturers at NUS is the balancing of teaching and research. As one might always do a bit more to prepare for a class, and as many other demands on one’s time can arise during a semester, many feel it is difficult to block out time for research and writing, especially during term. Continue reading

Integrating Research into Teaching
Dr Adekunle Olusola Adeyeye
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
It is a popular belief that research enhances teaching, though such a claim is debatable. Given that research is largely a problem-solving process, and one of the aims of teaching in engineering classes is to imbue in the students the ability to solve problems, it is obvious, in this instance that there are strong links between teaching and research. Continue reading