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This issue of CDTL Brief is the last of a two-part installment that features the teaching practices of the NUS Outstanding Educator Award winners and nominees.

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October 2004, Vol. 7, No. 9 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
My Teaching Philosophy and Practices
Assistant Professor Tan Kay Chen
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
I believe teaching is a form of customer service in which the teacher creates a learning environment that motivates the students to learn and supports them in the learning process. Instead of focusing on a particular teaching technique, the teacher should utilise whatever tools that stimulate the maximum learning in the students. Continue reading

The Joy of GEM
Associate Professor Helmer Aslaksen
Department of Mathematics
Teaching General Education Modules (GEM) allows me to put everything I’ve always wanted to do in teaching into practice! Continue reading

A Grounded Teaching Practice
Assistant Professor Kenneth Paul Tan
Department of Political Science & University Scholars Programme
My teaching practice is driven by an obsessive delight in designing and executing curriculum and pedagogy for every learning encounter with my students. In this, I have been described as meticulous, creative and enthusiastic, aiming to inspire students to embrace for themselves both the struggle and joy of learning. Continue reading

Constantly Learning to Teach
Assistant Professor Liu Gui Rong
Department of Mechanical Engineering
When I was approached to write an article on my teaching techniques, I was puzzled as all the techniques I have been using can be found in the existing publications. Therefore, I decided to offer a small personal opinion on learning to teach instead of specific teaching techniques. Continue reading

Teaching with Passion
Associate Professor Bilveer Singh
Department of Political Science
Learning being a journey, not a destination, has always been a philosophy that has guided me as a teacher. My vision has been to train and develop thinking leaders of tomorrow. Continue reading

Strategies for Effective Teaching
Associate Professor Nitin Pangarkar
NUS Business School
During the course of my PhD programme and over the several years I have been teaching, I have had the good fortune to observe a number of excellent teachers in the classroom. Continue reading

Reflections on Field-based Teaching and Learning
Dr Carl Grundy-Warr
Department of Geography
In Singapore, students take many things for granted and are often so remote from the very systems and processes that sustain them. This is a serious issue particularly, as Singapore seeks to play not only a global role, but also to be well integrated into this beautiful, diverse and dynamic region. Continue reading