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January 2005, Vol. 8, No. 1 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Teaching Engineering Fundamentals by Using a Hands-on/Historical Approach
Associate Professor Anjam Khursheed
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Former Associate Director, CDTL
In the teaching of engineering-related disciplines, the importance of understanding basic scientific principles cannot be overemphasised. Quite simply, the success of the whole enterprise depends on how well the fundamental principles are taught. Continue reading

Active Learning: Scenario Thinking in an Uncertain World
Dr Grace Wong
Department of Real Estate
CDTL Affiliate
In today’s uncertain world, change is the only constant. We can manage change by playing a waiting game and then be surprised or overtaken by circumstances when events unfold; or we can anticipate and prepare for events, even to the extent of influencing or making the events work in our favour. Continue reading

Taking Charge of Learning
Ms Ma. Socorro C. Bacay
Senior Instructor, School of Management and Information Technology
College Registrar, DLSU—College of St. Benilde, Philippines
Active learning is an educational approach that allows students to participate actively, both in the determination of the course content and in the process of learning. Guided by the course syllabus, students collaborate with the teacher in determining specific topics to be undertaken in order to achieve the learning objectives. Continue reading

Sample Interactive Lesson to Promote Comprehension Skills
Jonathan A. Aliponga, PhD
Lecturer, Kansai University of International Studies
As far as the English language is concerned, I have taught students at all proficiency levels—beginning to advanced. I have always found happiness and satisfaction whenever my students participate actively in class. So, what do I do in the classroom to encourage my students to interact with one another? Continue reading

Active Learning: Engagement for Meaningful Learning
Miss Chua Siew Beng
NUS Business School
Thinking about classes in higher education often conjures images of large lecture theatres with students listening attentively to the lecturer and taking notes furiously. It seems that students who practise the above are to a certain degree, engaged in active learning. If this is so, why are lecturers are often encouraged to look beyond traditional pedagogy to introduce ‘active learning’ in their classes? Continue reading