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In this issue of CDTL Brief on Learning with Technology, the authors discuss how to use some Integrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE) features to enhance students’ learning and understanding of the subject.

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May 2005, Vol. 8, No. 3 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Root Questions for Large Classes
Dr Stephane Bressan & Professor Jeffrey D. Ullman
While lecturers teaching large undergraduate classes often face the critical problem of efficient and effective continuous training and assessment, undergraduate students in the School of Computing at NUS struggle with a busy timetable, juggling numerous deadlines for homework, assignments and other projects. Continue reading

Using Online Discussion Forum in Learning Mathematics
Associate Professor Victor Tan
Department of Mathematics
Discussion—sharing and articulating ideas—is an important part of the learning process, especially in tertiary education. Through discussion, learners can discover their misconceptions which they may not realise otherwise and thus enhance their understanding of the subject. Continue reading

Technology-mediated Learning—The Case for Macromedia Breeze and IVLE Tools
Alfred Low
Educational Technologist, CDTL
Can computers ever replace face-to-face teaching? This million-dollar question lends itself to rhetorical contentions, driven by the shifting contextual flux of the educational goal, keeping in pace with a world of discontinuity that we now live in. Continue reading