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This issue of CDTL Brief is the last of a two-part instalment featuring the teaching practices of faculty members who have won the Excellent Teacher Award (currently known as Annual Teaching Excellence Award) for three consecutive academic years (2001/2002–2004/2005).

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October 2005, Vol. 8, No. 7 Print Ready ArticlePrint-Ready
Learning—A Matter of Life and Death
Associate Professor Seah Kar Heng
Department of Mechanical Engineering
The French feel a sense of shame if they cannot write grammatically correct French. The Germans and Japanese are equally meticulous when they write in their respective native languages. Continue reading

Writing as Dialogue
Dr Sunita Anne Abraham
Department of English Language & Literature
In a CDTLink article published in November 2001, I highlighted the integral role of writing in the process of knowledge construction, arguing that if we genuinely believe that our students learn best by constructing and evaluating the knowledge that we wish them to acquire, we need to view learning as an apprenticeship not only to the modes of inquiry of a discipline, but also its writing/discursive paradigms. Continue reading

“I Hear You”: Using Student Feedback to Improve Your Teaching
Associate Professor Alice Christudason
Department of Real Estate Former Associate Director, CDTL
This paper considers how formative and evaluative information obtained through student feedback (SF) can serve as a valuable guide to achieve desired learning outcomes in a Singapore Studies module SSD1203 "Real Estate Development and Investment Law" offered to students from various faculties across NUS. Continue reading

Exploring the 'Maze' of Teaching
Mr Aaron Tan
Department of Computer Science
For most NUS freshmen, the matriculation maze is usually the first 'maze' they need to get through and the first semester, their second 'labyrinth'. Continue reading

A Good Teacher and Macroeconomics
Dr Ho Kong Weng
Department of Economics
When I was a student at the National University of Singapore (NUS), I was taught by dedicated teachers who cared for their students. When I attended graduate school at the University of Chicago, I was influenced by teachers who excelled in their research. Continue reading