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  08:15 am Registration
  08:45 am

Opening Address
Prof Seeram Ramakrishna

Dean, Faculty of Engineering

  09:00 am

Dr. Anjam Kursheed
Associate Professor
Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

A/P Kursheed will present his experience in making his science demonstrations available to his faculty colleagues through the “NUS Learning Objects Repository” feature in the IVLE Content Management section.

  09:30 am Dr. W. A. M. Alwis
Director of Academic Affairs
Republic Polytechnic

Dr. Alwis will present his experience in using ICT in engineering and computing education.
  10:00 am Tea Break
  10:20 am Dr. César A. Núñez-López
Research Chair on Engineering Education Research & Innovation
Director, Mechatronics Engineering Program
Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) Campus Monterrey, Mexico.

Dr. Núñez-López will present his experience in the integration of ICT into the ITESM engineering curriculum and outline his research efforts in developing a remodeled approach to engineering education that takes into account the use of contemporary learning strategies, ITC's tools, learning activity resources (e. g. laboratories) and learning technologies like simulators and virtual environments. ITESM’s attempt to maximize the benefits of ICT in supporting the teaching and learning process, while minimizing the inherent drawbacks, highlights fundamental issues that computer science educators also need to consider.
  11:15 am Dr. Rajagopalan Srinivasan
Assistant Professor
Dept of Chem & Env Eng, Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Srinivasan will present his experience in creating an online process dynamics and control simulation which aims to assist students in linking classroom theory to its related application in industrial practice.
  11:45 am Mr. Gilles Doiron
Principal Educational Technologist
Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning

Mr. Doiron will present his experience in designing an online peer learning model which aims to have students review their peer’s answers to open ended questions as a learning activity to widen their perspectives and initiate meaningful debate.
  12:15 pm Panel Discussion: “Reusable Learning Objects”

A/P Yeo Gee Kin, School of Computing
Ms. Ivy Tan, Centre for Instructional Technology
Dr. W. A. M. Alwis, Director of Academic Affairs, Republic Polytechnic
Dr. César A. Núñez-López, Research Chair on Engineering Education Research & Innovation, ITESEM

Panel Chair: Mr. Gilles Doiron, Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning  
  12:45 pm Closing Address
A/P Daphne Pan

Director, Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning