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7 November 2003
Seminar Rooms A, B & C
9.00 am – 12.30 pm

  0845 Registration
  0900 Welcome Address
by Prof Lily Kong, Dean, FASS
  0910 Presentation of Papers
Prof Basant Kapur
Effective Tutoring: My Personal Experience
Department of Economics
  0940 Assoc Prof Raguraman
A Constructivist Approach to Teaching Transport
Department of Geography
  1010 Reception
  1030 Dr Kenneth Tan
Learning Beyond the classroom: Strategies to Deal with Theory and Practice
Department of Political Science
  11.00 Assoc Prof Ismail Talib
Creating and Benefitting from Online Textbooks
Department of English Language & Literature
  1130 Dr Stephen John Appold
Electronic Publishing as an Outlet for Student Research
Department of Sociology
  1200 Prof George Bishop & Mr Gilles Doiron
Using Online Forums as a Replacement for Face-to-Face Discussion Groups
Department of Social Work & Psychology
  1230 End of Presentation

8 November 2003
Seminar Rooms A, B & C
9.00 am – 12.30 pm

  0900 Presentation of Papers
Dr Daisy Ng
The Importance of Having Fun: Reflections of Teaching and Learning
Department of Chinese Studies
  0930 Dr Gilbert Yeoh
Teaching Film, Teaching Aesthetics
Department of English Language & Literature
  1000 Dr Carl Grundy-Warr
Teaching, Learning and Doing “in” and “through the Field”
Department of Geography
  1030 Reception
  1045 Dr Stephen Lee Keck
Thinking ‘Outside the Box’: The Promise Of Student Questions
Department of History
  1115 Assoc Prof Saranindra Nath Tagore
On Teaching Philosophy
Department of Philosophy
  1145 Assoc Prof Bilveer Singh
Challenges of Teaching Political Science as a GEM
Department of Political Science

Closing Address
by A/P Daphne Pan, Director, CDTL