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Prof Basant Kapur
Effective Tutoring: My Personal Experience
Department of Economics

Assoc Prof Raguraman
A Constructivist Approach to Teaching Transport
Department of Geography

Dr Kenneth Tan
Learning Beyond the classroom: Strategies to Deal with Theory and Practice
Department of Political Science

Assoc Prof Ismail Talib
Creating and Benefitting from Online Textbooks
Department of English Language & Literature

Dr Stephen John Appold
Electronic Publishing as an Outlet for Student Research
Department of Sociology

Prof George Bishop & Mr Gilles Doiron
Using Online Forums as a Replacement for Face-to-Face Discussion Groups
Department of Social Work & Psychology

Dr Daisy Ng
The Importance of Having Fun: Reflections of Teaching and Learning
Department of Chinese Studies

Dr Gilbert Yeoh
Teaching Film, Teaching Aesthetics
Department of English Language & Literature

Dr Carl Grundy-Warr
Teaching, Learning and Doing “in” and “through the Field”
Department of Geography

Dr Stephen Lee Keck
Thinking ‘Outside the Box’: The Promise Of Student Questions
Department of History

Assoc Prof Saranindra Nath Tagore
On Teaching Philosophy
Department of Philosophy

Assoc Prof Bilveer Singh
Challenges of Teaching Political Science as a GEM
Department of Political Science