Guidelines to Authors

Paper Sizes
Please use good quality plain white A4-size paper.

The margins are approx. 25mm (1") for left and right, and 30mm (1.2") for top and bottom.

Text and Illustration
Please use a Times Roman 12pt font and single line spacing for text. This will enhance the overall appearance of the proceedings. For exact spacing and format, please refer to the attached style sheet.

Please ensure that the text, illustrations and formulae are of high definition with good contrast.

Digitised images should be set at a print resolution of at least 300 dpi. If scanned photographs or images are used, please submit the high quality originals together with your manuscript.

All manuscript pages will be reduced to 80% of the original size for printing. The visual quality of the proceedings will directly reflect the visual quality of the manuscripts submitted.

Page Limit
The maximum length for each paper is 6 pages. Please do not number the pages.

Please prepare your manuscript as a Microsoft Word document or RTF file.

We intend to include an index of keywords and concepts in the proceedings. When you submit your manuscript please suggest between 6 to 12 keywords which will help readers identify the nature of your paper. The keywords should be included in your paper (after the abstract) and should also be listed on a separate sheet containing your name and paper title.

Please send your manuscript (and original photographs and/or images if applicable) to the following address:

Ms Teo Siok Tuan
FASS-CDTL Symposium Secretariat
Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning
National University of Singapore
Level 6, Central Library Annexe
10 Kent Ridge Crescent
Singapore 119260

Your manuscript must reach us by 11 October 2004. In order to ensure that the proceedings be ready for the symposium, this date is final.

Along with the hard copy of the manuscript, please send a soft copy (in MS Word format) via email or on a floppy diskette.

For format and spacing details, please refer to the Style Sheet .

Copies of the Proceedings
All registered participants at the symposium will receive a copy of the proceedings as part of their registration.