No. Name of the speaker Paper Title
1. A/P T. C. Chang
Department of Geography
Education Without Walls and Beyond Borders?
Insights from a Trans-Pacific Classroom
2. Dr Chng Huang Hoon
Department of English Language and Literature
From Classroom to Life: Empowering Students Through Collaborative Teaching and Learning
3. Dr Teofilo C. Daquila
Southeast Asian Studies Programme
Teaching Southeast Asian Economics in A Multi-Disciplinary Environment
4. A/P Brian P. Farrell
Department of History
History in the Field: The Field Trip in the Teaching of History
5. A/P Philip Holden
Department of English Language and Literature
Working With Graduate Tutors: Opportunities and Challenges
6. Dr Ho Kong Weng
Department of Economics
Mentoring HSSRP Students with Diverse Interests
7. A/P Cecilia Lim
Department of Philosophy
Coping with Diversity and Disparity in Graduate Philosophy Modules - An “Elastic” Approach
8. A/P Kalyani Mehta
Department of Social Work and Psychology
Audience Participation in Lectures
9. Ms Rita M. Niemann
Centre for Language Studies
Towards More Effective Learners: Blended Learning in the German Language Classroom
10. Dr Kripa Sridharan
Department of Political Science
Reducing the Gap between Teaching and Learning Styles
11. Ms Izumi Walker
Centre for Language Studies
Using a TV drama for Japanese Language Learners
12. Dr Wong Wei Kang
Department of Economics
Story Telling in Macroeconomics Teaching: An Economist’s Tales
13. Dr Todd T Ames
Department of Sociology
Educating The Masses: Addressing Issues In
Dealing With Very Large Classes