Educator-in-Residence Programme (EiRP)

EiRP facilitates active exchanges between the NUS academic community and distinguished educators from around the world

Daniel J. Bernstein

Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence &
Professor of Psychology
The University of Kansas (USA)

A.B. in Psychology at Stanford University; Ph.D. in Psychology at University of California, San Diego

Research interests include:
Human motivation and learning; Measurement of generalisation of learning; Uses of technology and web-based activities to promote student understanding

Awards (2001-2008):
Fred Keller Award for Contributions to Education, Div 25, APA (2008); J.M. Young Academic Adviser Award, University of Kansas (2007); Outstanding Teaching and Instructional Creativity Award for the University of Nebraska system (2001); University of Nebraska-Lincoln Scholarly Teacher Award (2001)

Editorial service (2002-present):
Board of Editors, Change, a magazine of higher learning
Board of Editors, Journal of Cognitive and Affective Learning (2004-2008)

Select publications (2000-2008):
Bernstein, D., Burnett, A.N., Goodburn, A. and Savory, P (2006). Making teaching and learning visible: Course portfolios and the peer review of teaching. Bolton, MA: Anker

Articles and Chapters
Bass. R. and Bernstein, D. (2008). The middle of open spaces: Generating knowledge about learning through multiple layers of open teaching communities. In T. Iiyoshi and V. Kumar (eds.), Opening up education: The collective advancement of education through open technology, open content and open knowledge. (303-317). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press

Bernstein, D. and Bass, R. (2005). The scholarship of teaching and learning. Academe, 91(4), 37-43

Bernstein, D.J. (2005). Disciplining the minds of students: The study of psychology. Change, 37 (2), pp. 38-40

Bernstein, D.J. and Wert, E. (2004). Making visible the intellectual work in teaching. Tomorrow’s Professor (#544), Stanford University Center for Teaching and Learning online distribution

Bernstein, D. (2002). Representing the intellectual work in teaching through peer-reviewed course portfolios. In S. Davis & W. Buskist, (Eds.), The teaching of psychology: Essays in honor of Wilbert J. McKeachie and Charles L. Brewer (215-229). Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

Bernstein, D.J., Jonson, Jessica, & Smith, K.L. (2000) An examination of the implementation of peer review of teaching. New Directions for Teaching and Learning (no.83), pp 73-85

Teaching grants obtained include:
National Science Foundation - University of Kansas Initiative on Ethics Education in Science and Engineering (Co-principal investigator), 2006-2009

Pew Charitable Trusts - Building a community for external peer review of teaching (Project Director), 1999-2004