Grant Writing

NUS Grant Writing Course – Expression of Interest

Colleagues are cordially invited to participate in this EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) for the NUS Grant Writing Course.


The two-day Grant Writing course is designed with a focus on guiding participants to prepare a formal education grant proposal involving an inquiry study into teaching and learning. In addition, the course also aims to foster cross-institutional collaborative projects. This course will introduce participants to both qualitative and quantitative research methodology, creating opportunities for participants to formulate research questions, explore the current literature, and designing appropriate measures of students’ learning outcomes. Please go to this link for the course learning outcomes.


Date and Time

The course is scheduled on the following dates and times at NUS:


3 May 2018 (Thursday), 9am-5pm


7 May 2018 (Monday), 9am-5pm


Target Audience

Academics who are preparing to write and submit educational research proposals. Academics who are applying for the MOE Tertiary Education Research Fund [MOE-TRF – for all full-time staff of institutions of higher learning (IHLs) in Singapore] are highly encouraged to attend the course. There is no cost associated with attending the workshop.


Expression of Interest

  1. Expressions of Interest (EOI) to attend the course are due by 27 April 2018.
  2. Please note that there are limited places available. EOI outcome notifications will be sent via email by 30 April 2018 with more details about the course.
  3. Applications can either be individual or team-based [e.g. collaborations from the same institution of higher learning (IHL) or from different IHLs].
  4. For team-based applications, only one submission is required for each project study. The submission should indicate clearly the details of team members who wish to attend the course.

The submission should contain the following information:

  1. Name and designation of the applicant(s) who plan(s) to attend the course.
  2. Institution, affiliation, phone, and email address
  3. Project title (tentative)
  4. A brief statement (max 650 characters) about why the applicant wants to participate in this course, and what personal goals he/she aims to achieve through this project.
  5. Project outline, including the research problem statement which provides a brief overview of the issues or problems existing in the concerned area selected for the research (max 1,900 characters)


Online Submission of EOI

Applications should be sent using the online form here, no later than 27 April 2018.


Guidelines in drafting the project outline

The following guidelines may be helpful to you in drafting the project outline:

  • Relevance of project in relation to educational research
    The outline should indicate what the nature of the project is, in relation to teaching and learning outcomes. How, and in what way is the project likely to benefit students or teachers?


  • Problem statement
    The outline should provide a brief overview of the issues or problems existing in the concerned area selected for the project. It could also be phrased as a research question(s).


  • Context of project
    The outline should demonstrate in what way the project is or will be situated in the institutional context.


Please contact

Ms Doreen Thia

Course Leaders

Ms Jeannette Choy
Senior Education Specialist

Dr Mark Gan

Senior Education Specialist

Mr Alan Soong

Associate Director (Learning Design and Research)