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Jan 1999 Vol. 3   No. 1

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Video Update:
Disguised Blessing

An artistic rendition of the COFM Building

Disaster struck while CDTL was creating the Department of Community, Occupational and Family Medicine's (COFM) video - our main in-house editing system broke down! Our post-production team, headed by CDTL's Principal Media Producer Manuel Gamboa, had to seek an alternative.

"We found a local production house with a non-linear editing suite," Manuel revealed. "We could then use the latest technology and create in particular the attention-grabbing animation for the introductory segments." So despite the setback, COFM: Serving the Community, the Nation and the Region, commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of COFM, was completed on time and proved to be quite stylish. Vice Chancellor Lim Pin and the audience were duly impressed by the video when it premiered at the Opening Ceremony of the COFM building on 17 October 1998.

For some time now, CDTL has been planning to acquire its own non-linear editing suite. With the tender process complete, we hope to do so soon. After all, CDTL continually seeks to improve the services it offers to the NUS community.




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