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Jul 1999 Vol. 3   No. 2
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CDTL Staff Changes: Shake Up & Shake Out!

Exciting major changes have been taking place at CDTL in recent months. As of 1 January 1999, the multimedia and video conferencing functions of CDTL, along with certain sections of Computer Centre, were transferred to the newly set-up Centre for Instructional Technology. (For more information about CIT, please refer to pages 10 & 11.) Consequently, we are now able to focus primarily on pedagogical practice and theory through the workshops, seminars, publications and research that we conduct.

To facilitate the expansion of our teaching and learning programmes, we are pleased to announce that we now have additional staff. As of 1 February 1999, A/Prof K. P. Mohanan (Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences) was appointed Deputy Director. At the same time, the following NUS academic staff were assigned to CDTL as Associate Directors: Dr Alice Christudason (Faculty of Architecture, Building & Real Estate), Dr William Koh (Faculty of Business Administration), A/Prof Grace Ong (Faculty of Dentistry), A/Prof Wang Chien Ming (Faculty of Engineering), A/Prof Tan Cheng Han (Faculty of Law), A/Prof Matthew Gwee (Faculty of Medicine), A/Prof Alex Ip Yuen Kwong (Faculty of Science), and Dr Chee Yam San (School of Computing). As CDTL’s main liaison with the various faculties, the new directors will not only bring the perspective of each faculty into the planning of CDTL programmes, but also function as a CDTL representative in each faculty for any teaching staff to consult.

Some of the new activities being implemented include organising CDTL’s first symposium on teaching and learning, training graduate teaching assistants, surveys on teaching and learning practices in NUS, academic orientation talks for students and many others. To find out more and keep yourself updated, please check our web site regularly:





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CDTL Staff Changes: Shake Up & Shake Out!

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