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Jul 2000  Vol. 4   No. 2
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Can’t get enough of CDTLink? You’ll be pleased to know that as of this year, CDTLink will be published tri-annually, instead of twice yearly, so as to foster even more dialogue on teaching and learning matters. So look out for the third issue of 2000 coming out in November...

Also, we are proud to announce the publication of the second edition of The Write Right Guide: An NUS Writing Guide for the 2000/01 freshmen. Although aimed at NUS students, the first edition of The Write Right Guide has been well received by staff too. As we have printed a few extra copies of the second edition for teaching staff, please email or call 6516 3052 to obtain a copy if you so wish.




Common Modules for Architecture and Engineering Students

Students on Bad Teaching (1)

Face-saving Devices in Peer Reviews & Their Implications

Open-Book Examinations

Millenial Milestone

Picures! Notes!

Get Professional: Training for New Teachers

When the Profs Get Together: TLHE Symposium

Read & Write

Hellos, Goodbye

Teaching & Learning Highlights
Innovative Teaching of Building Services to Students in the Department of Architecture Using IVLE

MEDNet: Towards an Intranet Learning Environment

A Survey of Part-time Students' Use of IVLE

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