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Nov 2000  Vol. 4   No. 3
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On the Cutting Edge of Educational Media

Mr J.A. Gilles Doiron (CDTL) and Mr Eugene Hiew (CIT) at iGRID 2000 (Yokohama, July 2000)

The Faculty of Medicine, Centre for Instructional Technology (CIT), and Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning have collaborated together to produce a prototype anatomy pre-dissection Lecture-on-Demand (LoD), The Abdominal Wall & Inguinal Canal. Posted on the NUS Integrated Virtual Learning Environment, this LoD delivery allows students to take more responsibility for their learning and enables them to have greater control over their time schedule. It provides a clear and well-structured presentation with added graphics and text. In general, students have shown wide support for this new learning resource.

Description of LoD features

This past summer has been a busy time for the development team. Our presentation, ‘Anatomy on the Cutting Edge: Pre-dissection Lecture-on-Demand at the National University of Singapore’, has/will have been featured at five conferences this year. The prototype was featured as a poster/demo at:

  • ED MEDIA 2000 World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications (Montreal, Canada, June 2000); and
  • iGRID 2000 showcase of Internet 2 applications (Yokohama, Japan, July 2000).

Full papers on the prototype were/are being presented at:

  • University Surgeons of Asia 4th Scientific Congress (Singapore, May 2000);
  • CDTL’s 1st Symposium on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Singapore, July 2000); and
  • International Conference on Computers in Education/International Conference on Computer Assisted Instruction 2000 (Taipei, Taiwan, November 2000).





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