Discipline Specific Links: Chemistry

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Courseware and Tutorials

  • Acid and Base - pH Tutorial
    This tutorial contains notes and self-directed quiz exercises designed to help students with the fundamental concepts of acid-base chemistry. The level of instruction is aimed at first year university students with no prior knowledge of acid-base chemistry.

  • Chemistry ConcepTests
    The following cases that encourage the students to process information for themselves and not simply to record passively the instructor's lecture.
    Arthur Ellis and Lorena Tribe - General & Analytical Chemistry
    Charles Casey - Introductory Organic Chemistry, and
    G. Earl Peace -General Chemistry.

  • Virtual Chemistry Laboratory
    Virtual Chemistry brings the topic to animated, full-color-and fun-life: you can choose your own experiments to run-and then watch a short movie of the test and its results. Among the links are an online encyclopedia of chemistry (which is updated periodically), several tutorials and close-ups of a different molecule each month.

  • Case Studies Across a Science Curriculum
    by Joseph Bieron and Frank Dinan, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Canisius College in Buffalo, NY.

  • Molecule of the Month
    The links in this site will take you to a page at one of the Web sites at a University Chemistry Department or commercial site in the UK, the US, or anywhere in the world, where useful information can be found about a particularly interesting molecule.

  • WebElements
    The WebElements provides a high quality source of information about the periodic table for students. You will find many pictures showing element structures and periodic properties.

  • The Virtual Classroom
    This site contains chemistry courses prepared by the Hardy Research Group, Department of Chemistry, The University of Akron. The modules listed cover Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry I and II, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Laboratory, Analytical Chemistry I and II, Chemical Separations, Concepts in Biochemistry, Mass Spectroscopy for Chromatographers, Chemometrics, and Radioanalytical Methods.

  • The Chemistry Hypermedia Project
    On-line resources for students, educators, and scientists.

  • Internet Tutorial in Biochemistry and Biophysics: Biomolecular Structures
    An internet tutorial provided as a computer-based laboratory exercise for undergraduate students in basic biochemistry. Requires Netscape Navigator 3.01 or later and the ChemScape Chime plug-in(can be downloaded from the help page).

  • Educational Materials for Organic Chemistry
    Educational Materials for Organic Chemistry(EMOC) at Michigan State University includes a collection of interactive tutorials, QuickTime animations, and different perspectives for first-year organic chemistry students and their instructors. This website provides a number of practice problem sheets.

  • Principles of Drug Action
    A course on three-dimensional structure of drug molecules and the role of stereochemistry in drug-drug target intreractions. This course also provides some comprehensive problems and sample exams.

  • Computational Chemistry and Organic Synthesis
    A course to introduce computational chemistry to synthetic-organic chemists, who would like to understand why they got the product they got and not (always) the compound they wanted.

  • Didactics of Chemistry
    Descriptions of chemical demonstrations in organic chemistry. Some are computer-aided experiments and other are miniature experiments shown with a projector.

  • Color in Minerals
    This site discusses on topics like Electromagnetic spectrum, Why do things look colored?, Physical processes, Causes of color and also includes many other useful reference.