Technology in Pedagogy Series (TiPS)


This series highlights the effective use of technology for teaching and learning.

“Technology in Pedagogy” series is part of the Continuing Professional Development Programme (CPDP) at CDTL, and is designed to promote and propagate good practices and techniques in teaching by flexibly and creatively blending technology to stimulate personalized and higher order learning in students. This series was launched in March 2011 and brings together NUS staff for informal chats about innovative and cutting-edge technologies that we hope can assist in teaching and learning. Each session will feature a speaker who will share a technology that he/she uses in his/her teaching followed by Q&A and discussions.

Please , if you are interested in sharing your experience with using technology in these sessions.



Your participation (as a presenter or participant) is what makes the TiPS sessions unique, diverse, innovative, and successful! Each session is a perfect opportunity for you to share your teaching with technology experiences with your peers and to learn something new! Your presence at the sessions will allow you to contribute to the community of practice of teaching here at CDTL and NUS.


Connect with other faculty from across the campus right here at CDTL while sharing innovative teaching practices with each other! It's a great opportunity to engage with fellow colleagues in an informal dialogue around topics of teaching, learning, and technology.