Keynote Speakers
Keynote lecture: Students as Partners in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
Workshop: Engaging Students in Research and Inquiry
Mick Healey

University of Gloucestershire, UK
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Keynote lecture: Enabling Data-Driven Decision-Making of Living-Learning Programs
Workshop: Building Blocks for Successful Living-Learning Programs
Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas
University of Virginia, USA
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Keynote lecture: Scientists as writers: implications for the classroom
Workshop: Scaffolding writing into the curriculum
Lisa Emerson
Massey University, New Zealand
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Keynote lecture: Why resist technology? One Administrator’s Journey into the Great Unknown
Chng Huang Hoon

Office of the Provost
National University of Singapore, Singapore
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First Announcement




9 – 11 December 2014

Innovation in educational approaches: theory, practice and research

Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL)
National University of Singapore

This conference will be the platform for a 1-day of pre-conference workshops (9 December 2014) followed by 2 days of presentations (10 – 11 December 2014), that will include keynote lectures, paper presentations on various sub-themes and poster sessions.

The conference aims to provide a platform to disseminate research findings on various aspects of innovation in educational approaches at tertiary level. In particular, it aims to focus on the ways in which theoretical positions and empirical findings on innovation can inform daily classroom practice, curriculum design, assessment, and other key aspects of education. At the same time, the conference invites contributions that aim to explore and share innovative educational approaches in order to enhance teaching and learning. The conference will be of relevance to various groups at tertiary level: academics, educational researchers, teacher educators, tertiary education administrators, curriculum developers, learning designers, educational technologists, and others.

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