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Invited Lectures/ Workshops

Mick Healey
Lecture: Students as Partners and Change Agents in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
Lecture video: Click here
Workshop: Engaging Students in Research and Inquiry

Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas
Lecture: Enabling Data-Driven Decision-Making of Living-Learning Programs
Lecture video: Click here
Workshop: Building Blocks for Successful Living-Learning Programs

Lisa Emerson
Lecture: Scientists as Writers: Implications for the Classroom
Lecture video: Click here
Workshop: Scaffolding Writing into the Curriculum

Chng Huang Hoon
Lecture: Why Resist Technology? One Administrator’s Journey into the Great Unknown
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General Papers
Session II: Assessment

Alice Christudason, Ashwin Khambadkone, Stephen Lim Wee Hun, Lakshminarayanan Samavedham
Panel Discussion: Innovative Assessment Practices and the Grade-free Semester
Summary Paper | Slides

Session III: SoTL
Dong Chaoyan, Chong Yap Seng, Lee Su Mei, Matthew Gwee, Yeo Su Peng, Dujeepa Samarasekera
SoTL in Medical Education: Four Case Studies
Summary Paper | Slides
Ernest K Adu, Danny Poo
Smart Learning: A New Paradigm of Learning in the Smart Age
Summary Paper | Slides
Duong Hai Minh, Eric Markus
Challenges and Teaching Improvement of Engineering Classes: Meeting Student Expectations
Summary Paper | Slides
Session IV: Curriclum Design
Sachin V. Jangam, Agus P. Sasmito, Jundika C. Kurnia, Arun S. Mujumdar
Research Project-based Learning (RPBL) in Higher Education
Summary Paper | Slides
Sandeep Narayan Kundu, Grahame Oliver, Cao Kai
Factors influencing Spatial Thinking Capabilities in a Geoscience classroom
Summary Paper | Slides
Anthony Joseph, Mabel Payne, James Lawler
Modern Workforce Skills and Knowledge Development in Computing Curricula
Summary Paper | Slides
Session V: Educational Management
Eva Heinrich
Mapping Organisational Structures Against Actual Teaching Collaborations
Summary Paper | Slides
Peggie Chan, Hari K Garg
Embedding Matters in Engineering: Learner and Instructor Views
Summary Paper | Slides
Victor Tan, Chan Wai Meng, Narayanan Ganapathy, Johan Geertsema, Lim Lum Peng, Farooq Shamsuzzaman
A Revised Peer Review of Teaching Protocol: A Case Study at the National University of Singapore
Summary Paper | Slides
David Kwok, Manik Gujral, Janice Chan
Work Readiness: A Study of Student Intern's Self-Perception and Supervisor Evaluation
Summary Paper | Slides
Session VI: Classroom Innovation
Wee Hwee Lin, Tan Mui Ling, Ong Pei Shi, Wong Li Lian, Yong Sock Leng, Chan Sui Yung, Yau Wai Ping
Incorporating Web-based Learning in the Teaching of Pharmaceutical Compounding and Dispensing
Summary Paper | Slides
Olena Zhadko
Learning Spaces: To Maximise Student Learning
Summary Paper | Slides
Roxanna J Esguerra
Collaborative Learning Exercise to Establish Scope and Content for a Web-based Tutorial for a Second Year Module in Dentistry
Summary Paper | Slides
Misty So-Sum Wai-Cook
What Can Students Gain From Multimodal Feedback?
Summary Paper | Slides
Session VII: Assessment
Akash Kumar, Rajesh C. Panicker, Ashraf Kassim
Pedagogy and Technology to Enhance Formative Assessment and Feedback: Pilot Study for a Undergraduate Large Class in Digital Fundamentals
Summary Paper | Slides
Stephen Lim
Testing is Learning: Re-assessing "Assessment" in Higher Education Today
Summary Paper | Slides
Volker Patzel
Implementation of a Technology-supported Three-stage Classroom Feedback System for Promotion of Self-regulation and Assessment of Student and Teacher Performance
Summary Paper | Slides
Vivien Wu, Karin Enskar, Wang Wenru, Pua Lay Hoon, Doreen Heng
Nursing Students' Perspectives on Clinical Assessment Practices and Tools
Summary Paper | Slides
Session X: Learners’ Perspective
Mohamed Effendy, Stephanie Lo-Philip, Chris McMorran, N. Sivasothi
Roundtable: Teaching and Learning in the Field
Summary Paper | Slides
Session XI: Classroom Innovation
Gareth Morgan
Providing a Variety of Forms of Classroom Input to Ensure the Fulfilment of Learning Potential
Summary Paper | Slides
Hong Song-Iee
Sensitising Undergraduate Students to Positive Attitudes Towards Older Adults
Summary Paper | Slides
Emelyn Tan, Simon Watts, Xu Hairuo
A Relational Approach to “Wet Chemistry” Laboratory Learning – A Cultural Transformation Tool
Summary Paper | Slides
Session XII: ICT
Andrea Chew, David Kwok
Students' Perceptions of Online Learning Environment and its Influence on Test Achievement
Summary Paper | Slides
Melvyn W.B. Zhang, Cyrus S.H. Ho, Roger C.M. Ho
Psychiatry Education Using Technological Innovations: A Feasibility Study
Summary Paper | Slides
Fung Fun Man
Nouveau Video Capture for Online Laboratory Teaching using Modern First-Person Shooter Technique
Summary Paper | Slides
Session XIII: Learners’ Perspective
Laksh Samavedham, Farnaz Rajabi Mehr, Tan Tai Yong
An Exploratory "Baseline" Development Study on the Impact of NUS University Town Residential College Experience on Students' Holistic Development
Summary Paper | Slides

Suyoun Byoun
Exploring the Effects of Living-Learning Centres in the Korean Context : A Case Study of a Korean University
Summary Paper | Slides

Andi S. Putra, Lim Fang Ming, Liaw Hwee Choo
Assessing Students’ Learning Experiences Using Reflection Essays and Word Count Application
Summary Paper | Slides

Sarah W. Kimani, Victoria J. Mabin, John Davies
Exploring the Impact of Undesirable Student and Staff Experiences on the Performance of a Business School in Kenya
Summary Paper | Slides

Tan Mui-Ling, Chan Sui-Yung, Yau Wai-Ping
Perceptions of Pharmacy Students Towards Peer Cross-checking of Dispensed Medications During Practical Classes
Summary Paper | Slides
Session XIV: ICT
Ganthimathi Viswanathan
Designing and Facilitating a Constructivist Online Module: Reflections and Lessons Learnt
Summary Paper | Slides

Lee Kim Seng, Ho Yihan
Automarking of CAD Tutorials
Summary Paper | Slides

Goh Poh Sun
Using a Digital Knowledge Repository to Personalize Learning in Medical Education - A Follow-up Report to TeL2013
Summary Paper | Slides

Lynette Tan
The Impact of Meaningful Gamification on Students' Motivation: A Proposed Pilot Study
Summary Paper | Slides

Zhang Jianwen
Applying Wikis to Project-based Modules With Large Classes
Summary Paper | Slides
Session XV: Classroom Innovation
Amy Choong
Experiential Learning through Community Outreach Projects
Summary Paper | Slides

Mrinal Musib
Teaching Ethics by Adopting a Role-play, Scenario-based Learning Approach for an Authentic Learning Experience
Summary Paper | Slides

Alberto Corrias, Jane Quek
A Case Study of Blended Learning for Mathematically-intensive Topics in a Large Engineering Class
Summary Paper | Slides

Andrew Yew, Ong Soh Kim, Andrew Nee
Interactive Lecturing Using Laser Pointers
Summary Paper | Slides

Elizabeth M. Remedio
Innovations in Philippine Higher Education: A Timely Response to ASEAN Economic Cooperation 2015
Summary Paper | Slides
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